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Lindsey Adair - Coach/Founder

I’m a wife, mom and a nutrition and strength coach. My passion is educating my clients how to balance their diet that works with their lifestyle.I’ve been there. Tried every diet under the sun, tried to find the “perfect healthy” diet. After trying many differnt diets,and failing.I realized there wasn't a "perfect diet". Another diet was not the answer. Though trial and error I discovered my mindset around nutrition and exercise needed to change. I had to stop looking for a "diet", and simply eat in a way that allowed me to reach my goals and still enjoy my food and life.

No more crazy rules.

No more cutting out carbs, meats or sugar. Just eating real food.

I coach my clients to STOP DIETING and to START EATING.

Are you ready to STOP DIETING and START EATING?

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What Cleint's Have to Say :

Lindsay is an amazing trainer. One hour with her and you leave feeling strong and motivated. Not only does she mix things up so you don’t get bored, she pays attention to your technique so you don’t get injured. Have a question about nutrition or supplements? She can help you there too. She knows what’s she’s doing but the results speak for themselves.

-Shannon Vanbergan

Author/Publisher Fairfield Publishing

In the fall of 2017, I was introduced to Lindsey at the gym as one of their on site personal trainers. She immediately made me feel so comfortable, and I knew once I “had the time”, I wanted to come and train under her. A year later and I had finally made that commitment. I can’t even find the words to express how terrifying being inside a gym was for me. “Gym anxiety” is what some people may call it. But once Lindsey started talking to me, all of those fears and feelings of angst really slipped away. Because of the safe environment she created for me, I was able to open up about my toxic relationship with food and my binge eating. She was always willing to respect my boundaries, but also help me explore (safely) how much I was willing to push them during any particular day. And I’m so happy to say that today I do not ruin an entire week because I had a bad day. I don’t ruin a whole entire day because I had one bad moment. With food, with fitness, or with experiences in general.


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